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Commission On Every Sale


Discount for your audience on first 3 shipments (total 300$)

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Using Tracked Affiliate Link


year of commission duration

Dashboard for tracking statistics

Relevant for sellers and retailers around the world

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Sign up for our affiliate program and get your unique tracking link, which you can use to refer customers to Proboxx.

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Share your personalized affiliate link with your community through social media, emails, blogs, or your website. The more you promote, the more you can earn.

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You provide them with valuable discount while introducing them to a great service.

Start Earning • generate passive income

For every customer that you refer to Proboxx and for every shipment he makes (for the first 12 months), you'll receive a commission of 5%.

On Proboxx, the average shipment value is 2,100$. Earn 105$ for every referred shipment on average!


Commission Calculator

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Number of Referred Customers
1 Customers
Shipments Per Month
1 Shipments
Average Shipment Cost ($)
$2,100 Per shipment

Total Yearly Commission:


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