Last updated: 3/5/2024

Want The Best Automated Ecommerce & Supply Chain Management Tool?

Introducing SKUPREME – the best Automated Ecommerce & Supply Chain Management Tool available.

With SKUPREME, reduce errors, streamline pricing, stock levels and identify the most efficient supply chain to help you sell more and dominate your market.

• One dashboard to replace all

• One product catalog for all marketplaces

• Let automation work for you

SKUPREME is offering a generous discount to Proboxx clients: 

• A free 14-day trial with White Glove onboarding, then $90/month (fixed), and a 30-95% savings depending on usage tiers.

• Test SKUPREME's capabilities and be able to gain value from Omnichannel selling and Order Sync. 

• Try the Shipment creation flow and see if this is something you’d like to integrate with Proboxx’s freight forwarding capabilities.

To sign up with these generous offers use the link below for registration and when you sign up, mention you are using the Proboxx free trial and promotion.

Here's what you get:

  1. 14 Day Free Trial.
  2. Get 30-50% Off in SKUPREME Subscription when you register using this special PROBOXX link HERE: 
  3. Complimentary Slack Connect with SKUPREME for 12 Months: Stay connected and streamline your communication with a FREE Slack Connect subscription for 12 months, valued at $3600 each. Enhance your team collaboration and productivity with this premium support channel.
  4. Free SKUPREME Onboarding: Get off to a flying start with SKUPREME. Each attendant will receive a complimentary onboarding to SKUPREME, valued at $1000 each. This is your golden ticket to mastering SKUPREME's powerful e-commerce and supply chain management tools from the get-go.

Jump on the link HERE and get your free trial started!


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